Charging Standard

1、Registration fee: 400 Yuan, to be paid at the registration.

2、Tuition fee: 12,000 Yuan /school year(RMB)

Note: Any student shall pay a tuition fee of one school year in one lump sum upon enrollment. No tuition fee is refundable except for force majeure. If our university adjusts the above-mentioned charging standard, information will be published on the website of Office of International & Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs in time.

3、Accommodation fee:

The dormitories for international students are equipped with different specifications and conditions. The fee is 2400 Yuan/year/person for double room and 1200 Yuan/year/person for quad room.

4、Other fees:

Includes textbook fee, physical examination fee, visa fee, residence permit, comprehensive health insurance fee for foreigners and so on. Please refer to the actual prices for reference.



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