Year Founded: 1984

Type: Private University

Level: Ordinary

Location: Hangzhou, Zhejiang province

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  • Zip Code:310015
  • Address: 1110 Library Building, Zhejiang Shuren University, 36 Zhoushan East Rd, Gongshu District, Hangzhou Zhejiang, China
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Welcome to International Education College

With students from different countries joining us each year, and the University’s strong commitment to providing intercultural experience, there’s a great sense diversity on campus. This contributes to Zhejiang Shuren University as one of the places to study in Zhejiang, China. What makes us suitable for international students:

1. StudentsRecommendation

Over 89 per cent of international students are satisfied with their living experiences overall, including campus environment, accommodation, safety and transport. In the latest survey (Spring 2016) 88 per cent of international students at ZSU said they would recommend studying with us.

2. Impressive Experiences

Over 90 per cent of international students are satisfied with the overall support provided by our college.

Students'activities support intercultural experiences, such as visits to historical sites, local communities and schools, a fun way to practise conversation skills and learn about cultures different to your own.

3. Convenient Location

A tour bus Y8 provides easy and daily access to downtown.

15-minute walk to Great Canal (A World Heritage) and several outstanding museums  

4. Quick Settle-down

Coming to Zhejiang Shuren University for the next stage of your education is a good opportunity to live in Hangzhou, use both English and Chinese for daily life and experience different culture. To ensure you make the most of your time here, we provide a supportive activities aiming at helping you settle in as quickly as possible.

Diverse Programmes

To help international students to live in China freely, our college offers Chinese language & culture courses to meet various requirements from survival to academic study.

We also provide diverse degree programmes for those who want to continue their academic study.

5. Reasonable Scholarship

International Education College awards a range of scholarships every year.Academically talented language students can receive a scholarship of 6000 RMB from Zhejiang government, while undergraduate students can be awarded with a reasonable and satisfying scholarship of 20000 RMB every year.

7. Affordable Accommodation

We provide registered students with affordable and self-catering accommodation on campus. Residents share kitchen facilities, have their ownen suiterooms.

8. Tuition & Living Costs

A very affordable tuition fee for each semester. For further information, please check the following page.

An estimated weekly living cost isU.S.$80.-90.  




Faculty of Modern Service

Exhibition Business and Management

International Trade and Commerce

International Trade and Commerce (Tea Culture and Commerce)

Investments Studies

Logistics Management

Tourism Management


Faculty of Management

Accounting and Finance

Business Administration

Home Economics



Faculty of Urban Construction

Architectural Studies

Civil Engineering

Landscape Architecture

Urban Construction


Faculty of Humanity

Chinese Language and Literature



Pension Management

Public Affairs Management

Secretarial Administration

Social Studies




Faculty of Information Science & Technology

Communication Engineering

Computer Science and Technology

Digital Media Technology


Information Engineering


Faculty of Biological and Environmental Engineering

Applied Chemistry

Biological Engineering

Chemical Engineering and Technology

Environmental Engineering

Food Science and Engineering


Faculty of Arts

Cartoon Studies

Environmental Arts

Industrial Design

Products Design

Visual Communication Art


Faculty of Foreign Languages

Business English

English Languageand Literature

Japanese LanguageKorean Language


Chinese Language Course

Spoken Chinese

Spoken Chinese is a compulsory course for foreign students who aim at practicing their oral Chinese communication skills. The course is designed as small-sized classes with around 10 students, mainly taughtin Chinese. Students will be assigned to classes according to actual situation at the commencement of a semester.


AimElementary Level

Develop students’ correct pronunciation and pinyin spelling. The ability to speak conversational Chinese related to daily-life situations, as well as the proficiency of self-expression and incident-narration with acquired vocabulary and grammar.

Lower Intermediate Level

Develop the expressive ability in passage, average speaking rate, as well as expressive accuracy and clearance, and the capacity to hold a discussion on a general topic, as well as general representation and business negotiation.



Elementary Level: 16 weeks,4 classes (3 hours) per week

Lower intermediate Level: 16 weeks,4 classes (3 hours) per week.



Elementary LevelHuiyuan Yang, Speed-up Chinese (Speaking Book 1)Beijing University Press, 2011. 

Lower Intermediate LevelHuiyuan Yang,Speed-up Chinese (Speaking Book 2)Beijing University Press, 2011. 


Chinese Reading

Chinese Reading is a compulsory course for foreign students. Courses are set according to two levels including elementary and lower intermediate, and more levels could be provided according to students’ achievements. The course will bemainly taught in Chinese.



Elementary Level

Develop students’ ability to understand short text materials for greeting, gratitude and invitation on a social occasion; to read common signs in daily life; to grasp a general idea of common notes, notices and simple forms; to locate specific information in a familiar short material.

Lower Intermediate Level

Develop students’ ability to understand common introductory and explanatory materials; to read ordinary letters, emails, notices from which key information could be seized; to understand descriptive or narrative short materials in a common scene, to grasp the central topic, vital details and the true intentions of the materials; to acquire specific information through reading factual long texts.



Elementary Level: 16 weeks,4 classes (3 hours) per week

Lower intermediate Level: 16 weeks,4 classes (3 hours) per week.



Elementary LevelQuan Li, Shuhong Wang & Shujun,Developing Chinese: Elementary Reading and Writing I, Beijing Languageand Culture University Press, 2012.

Lower Intermediate LevelQuan Li, Shuhong Wang & Shujun, Developing Chinese: Elementary Reading and Writing II, Beijing Language and Culture University Press, 2012.



Integrated Chinese Course

Integrated Chinese is a compulsory course for foreign students. It aims to improve students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills by integrating relevant culture background into communicative techniques. There are two levels of the course including elementary and lower intermediate.



Elementary Level

Develop students’ basic mastery of accurate pronunciation, tone and intonation. The ability to perform basic expression such as greeting and introduction in daily life; to express will or narrate certain event; to express simple personal opinions on daily issues.

Lower Intermediate Level

Develop students’ skills to carry on daily conversations with acquired vocabulary, sentences and culture knowledge, the knowledge of Chinese national culture and condition by which cultural barriers could be overcome, the ability to communicate fluently on a wide range of topics.



Elementary Level: 16 weeks,4 classes (3 hours) per week

Lower intermediate Level: 16 weeks,4 classes (3 hours) per week.



Elementary Level: Jizhou Yang,Chinese Language Course I,Beijing Language and Culture University Press, 2014.

Lower Intermediate Level: Jizhou Yang,Chinese Language Course II,Beijing Language and Culture University Press, 2014.

Entrance Requirements

Language Course

ü Application Form

ü CV/Résuméü Photocopy of valid passport

ü Financial Support Statement

ü Letter of Guarantee (if applicant is under 18)

ü Physical Examination Paper



Degree Course

ü Application Form

ü CV/Resume

ü Photocopy of Valid Passport

ü High School Diploma/Certificate

ü Certified Academic Transcript

ü Financial Support Statement

ü Letter of Guarantee(if applicant is under 18)

ü Physical Examination Paper

ü Relevant Chinese Language Certificate (if possible)

Please Note:Applicants who fail to meet Chinese language requirements may need to take at least six-month language course before applying for undergraduate programmes. 


To encourage academic excellence, Zhejiang Shuren University offers a comprehensive and expanding range of scholarships for international students. Academically talented non-degree students can receive a scholarship of 6000 RMB from Zhejiang government, while undergraduate students can be awarded with a reasonable and satisfying scholarship from Zhejiang Shuren University.  

Fees and Finance


Language Course

5400 RMB per semester, 10800 RMB per academic year

Degree Course

Estimated 18,000-20,000 RMB per academic year according to different subjects

Please Note:The academic year in China is divided into two semesters. Spring semester starts at the end of February and ends in the middle of June, Autumn semester starts in September and finishes in the middle of January.



Currently, our school offersSingle Room and Double Room withen suite facilities. Students can choose four different types.Building NO.15

Single Room Type A

480 RMB per month (excluding water and electricity); size big and windows face south.

Single Room Type B

360 RMB per month (excluding water and electricity);size small and windows face north.


Building NO.2(New Accommodation)

Single Room Type C

800 RMB per month (excluding water and electricity)

Double Room

450 RMB per month (excluding water and electricity)


Students need to apply for a student card which will be used to pay electricity bills, water can be paid to International Education Office at the end of semester.

On average, each student may spend 80 RMB for electricity monthly and 40 RMB for water every semester . The cost of living depends on the way you live.



Applicants can pay tuition fees and accommodation by cash or by bank transfer. The bank account of Zhejiang Shuren University is as follows:

SWIFT CODE: ICBKCNBJZJPFor Credit To: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Zhejiang Provincial Branch.

Beneficiary’s Name: Zhejiang Shuren University

Beneficiary’s Account No.1202004809900000177

Beneficiary’s Address: No. 8 Shuren Rd, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

Students are encouraged to pay all the fees before our courses begin

All the fees MUST be paid within one week after start of our courses