Fees and Finance


Language Course

5400 RMB per semester, 10800 RMB per academic year

Degree Course

Estimated 18,000-20,000 RMB per academic year according to different subjects

   Please Note:The academic year in China is divided into two semesters. Spring semester starts at the end of February and ends in the middle of June, Autumn semester starts in September and finishes in the middle of January.



    Currently, our school offers Single Room and Double Room withen suite facilities. Students can choose four different types.Building NO.15

    Single room: 850rmb/person/month      Double room: 450rmb/person/month

   Applicants can pay tuition fees and accommodation by cash or by bank transfer. The bank account of Zhejiang Shuren University is as follows:

    Students need to apply for a student card which will be used to pay electricity bills, water can be paid to International Education Office at the end of semester.

    On average, each student may spend 80 RMB for electricity monthly and 40 RMB for water every semester . The cost of living depends on the way you live.



   SWIFT CODE: ICBKCNBJZJPFor Credit To: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Zhejiang Provincial Branch.

   Beneficiary’s Name: Zhejiang Shuren University

   Beneficiary’s Account No.1202004809900000177

   Beneficiary’s Address: No. 8 Shuren Rd, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

  Students are encouraged to pay all the fees before our courses begin

  All the fees MUST be paid within one week after start of our courses




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