Welcome to International Education College

With students from different countries joining us each year, and the University’s strong commitment to providing intercultural experience, there’s a great sense diversity on campus. This contributes to Zhejiang Shuren University as one of the places to study in Zhejiang, China. What makes us suitable for international students:

1. StudentsRecommendation

 Over 89 per cent of international students are satisfied with their living experiences overall, including campus environment, accommodation, safety and transport. In the latest survey (Spring 2016) 88 per cent of international students at ZSU said they would recommend studying with us.

2. Impressive Experiences

 Over 90 per cent of international students are satisfied with the overall support provided by our college.

 Students'activities support intercultural experiences, such as visits to historical sites, local communities and schools, a fun way to practise conversation skills and learn about cultures different to your own.

3. Convenient Location

 A tour bus Y8 provides easy and daily access to downtown.

 15-minute walk to Great Canal (A World Heritage) and several outstanding museums 

4. Quick Settle-down

 Coming to Zhejiang Shuren University for the next stage of your education is a good opportunity to live in Hangzhou, use both English and Chinese for daily life and experience different culture. To ensure you make the most of your time here, we provide a supportive activities aiming at helping you settle in as quickly as possible.

 Diverse Programmes

 To help international students to live in China freely, our college offers Chinese language & culture courses to meet various requirements from survival to academic study.

 We also provide diverse degree programmes for those who want to continue their academic study.

5. Reasonable Scholarship

 International Education College awards a range of scholarships every year.Academically talented language students can receive a scholarship of 6000 RMB from Zhejiang government, while undergraduate students can be awarded with a reasonable and satisfying scholarship of 20000 RMB every year.

7. Affordable Accommodation

 We provide registered students with affordable and self-catering accommodation on campus. Residents share kitchen facilities, have their ownen suiterooms.

8. Tuition & Living Costs

A very affordable tuition fee for each semester. For further information, please check the following page.

An estimated weekly living cost isU.S.$80.-90.  



1110 Library Building, Zhejiang Shuren University, 36 Zhoushan East Rd, Gongshu District, Hangzhou Zhejiang, China


Phone:+86 (0)571 88296317 (8:00-11:30, 13:30-16:30)