Colleges and Departments




College of Aeronautical Engineering

Aircraft Propulsion Engineering(Airplane Engine)

Industrial Engineering(Aviation Maintenance Engineering& Management)

Aircraft Manufacturing Engineering

College of Air Traffic Management

Traffic and Transportation (Air Traffic Management, Airline Operation Management, Airport Operation Management)

College of Aeronautical Automation

Electrical Engineering and Automation

Electronic Information Engineering


Mechanical and Electronic Engineering

College of Electronic Information Engineering

Electronic & Information EngineeringRadio Technology

Communication Engineering

Economics and Management College

Business Administration (Air Transportation Management,)


Logistics Management,

Financial Management,

Airport Engineering College

Civil Engineering

Traffic Engineering

Oil and Gas Storage & Transport  Engineering

College of Humanities and Social Sciences(College of Law)


Law (Aviation law)

College of Foreign Languages

English (Aviation English)

College of Science

Information and Computer Science

Material Physics (Surface Engineering Non-destructive Testing)

Statistics (Civil Aviation Statistics )

Material Chemistry

College of Computer Science & Technology

Computer Science and Technology

Information Security

College of Flight Technology

Flying Techniques

Cabin Attendant College

Cabin Attendant

Air Security Guard

Vocational Technical College

(General Aviation College)

Air Transportation

Aircraft Mechanical & Electronically Equipment Maintenance

Aircraft Avionics Maintenance

Civil Aviation Safety Technique Management

Sino-European Institute of Aviation Engineering

Aircraft Structure and Material

Aero-Propulsion System Operation and Maintenance

Electronic System and Airborne Equipment

College of Safety Science & Engineering

Public Utilities Management

Information Security Management




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