Characteristic specialty

 Traffic and Transportation (Accredited by the National Engineering Education Professional Aertification)

 Sino-European Institute of Aviation Engineering (Accredited by the Commission des Titres d'IngĂ©nieur and European Science and Engineering Master )


Aircraft Propulsion Engineering, Electronic & Information Engineering, Traffic and Transportation, Sino-European Institute of Aviation Engineering (Experimental Specialties of National Education and Training Plan of Outstanding Engineers)

 Electronic & Information Engineering (Experimental Specialty of National CDIO Engineering Education Mode Reform)

 Engineering Techniques Training Center, ATM Experimental Teaching Center (National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center)


Aircraft Propulsion Engineering, Traffic and Transportation, Flying Techniques (National Characteristic Specialties)

 Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Simulation Teaching Center (National Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Center)

 Flying Techniques, Aircraft Manufacturing Engineering, Communication Engineering (Experimental Specialties of National Specialties Comprehensive Reform)


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