Majors for international students

For Postgraduate Students(3 years):

Mechanical & Electronic Engineering; Communication & Information System; Signal and Information Processing; Navigation /Guidance & Control; Security Technology & Engineering; Transportation Information Engineering and Control; Transportation Planning & Management; Aircraft Design; Human Machine & Environment Engineering; Manage Science & Engineering, Enterprise Management


For Undergraduate Students(4 years):

Business Administration; Accounting; Financial Management; Logistics Management; Traffic Engineering; Civil Engineering; Oil and Gas Storage & Transport Engineering; Communication Engineering; Electronic Information Engineering; Aircraft Propulsion Engineering; Aircraft Manufacturing Engineering; Industrial Engineering; Electrical Engineering & Automation; Automation; Mechanical and Electronic Engineering; Information Security Management; Public Utilities Management; Aviation Law; Aviation English; Traffic and Transportation; Computer Science and Technology; Information and Computer Science; Material Chemistry; Material Physics; Statistics.


For Vocational students (3 years)

    Cabin Attendant, Civil Aviation Security GuardAircraft MechanicalCivil Aviation TransportationCivil Aviation Security Management


For Non-degree students

Senior advanced studies; ordinary training including language training; short-term students including language study.


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