The college was founded in 1955, directly under the Provincial Agriculture Department and the Provincial Education Department of  Shandong Province. It is one of 100 national demonstrative (backbone)higher vocational colleges; a college of “National University [Higher Vocational College] Students' Comprehensive Satisfaction Top 50” of the Ministry of Education; one of the 10 provincial-level demonstrative vocational colleges of  Shandong Province;one of the first batch of 11 university students’ entrepreneurship education model colleges; one of the first batch of 11 demonstrative colleges of the "3+2" mode with the staged training and interconnection of junior college and undergraduate college of  Shandong Province. In 2016, it was included in the list of “Service Contribution of National Higher Vocational Colleges Top 50”, and one of the two selected higher vocational colleges of  Shandong Province.


The college is located at the political, economic and cultural center of Weifang City, divided into the northern and southern teaching areas and two independent teaching practice areas. It enjoys a good geographical location, the convenient traffic conditions and the advantaged cultural environment. The college has  departments such as Department of Animal Science and Technology, Department of Animal Medicine, Department of Animal Nutrition and Fisheries, Department of Pet Science and Technology, Department of Food and Drug Science and Technology, Department of Economics and Trade as well as Department of Humanities and Social Sciences; and majors such as Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine, Animal Medicine, Animal Medicines and Drugs, Animal Nutrition and Aquatic Products, Pet Raising, Food Science and Technology, Finance and Trade, which is featured with obviously competitive advantages and bright industrial characteristics. It enrolls students from 30 provinces nationwide, which has 11 thousand full-time students on campus and is China’s largest training base for talents of animal husbandry and veterinary medicine. It is the Director Unit of Shandong Province Animal Husbandry Vocational Education Group and the Vice-Director Unit of China Urban Agriculture Vocational Education Group. In 2012, the college became qualified for admission of international students and now admits overseas students from Russia, UK, Pakistan, India, Nepal, ASEAN, Africa and other countries and regions.


The college now has 405 teachers, of which 127 have the title of Associate Professor or above; 5 national-level and provincial-level teaching teams and over 30 talents of National University Famous Teachers, National Outstanding Teachers, Provincial-Level Famous Teachers, Modern Agriculture Industry Technical System Experts of Shandong Province, Top-Level Accountant Talents of Shandong Province, Scholars of Kite Capital and  Weifang Top-Notch Professional and Technical Talents. At present, the college has 6 state key majors, 1 brand specialty group supported by the central finance, 2 provincial-level key majors, 8 provincial-level brand and characteristic specialties, and 27 courses of national classic courses, national exquisite resource sharing courses and provincial-level classic courses. In 2014, the college carried off two Second Class Prizes of National Teaching Achievements. The college has 134 training bases with the first-class teaching facilities, including various experimental training rooms for different majors, animal disease testing centers, animal hospitals, feed factories, GMP standard veterinary drug factories, animal husbandry and feed training halls, food and drug training halls, pet science and technology training centers, dairy training workshops and Animal Husbandry Technology Demonstration Gardens. The college, with the rigorous teaching attitude, upright academic atmosphere, strict student management and profound campus culture, carries out the small-class teaching and the centralized self-study management.


The college highlights the practical teaching and strengthens the skill training, based on the school motto of “self-discipline, positive acting and the best of wisdom and capability”, the purpose of being in service of development, the guide of employment promotion as well as the educational objective of cultivating entrepreneurial high-end skilled talents. The college graduates are always popular with employers for their “superior skills and hard-working spirit” and short of supply. The two-way selection job fair between graduates andemployers, hosted by the college, is the provincial-level animal husbandry and veterinary job market for college graduates, which is recognized by the Office of Human Resources and Social Security of Shandong Province; and also, the nation’s largest job market for college graduates of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary, in terms of scale and influence.


Main enrollment specialties include: Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine, Animal Medicine, Animal Pharmacy, Pet Raising and Training, Aquaculture Techniques, Animal Epidemic Prevention and Quarantine, Feed and Animal Nutrition, Food Processing Technology, Food Testing Technology, Pharmaceutical Production Technology, Veterinary Drug Technology, Drug Quality and Safety, Utilization and Conservation of Wildlife Resources, Electromechanical Integration Technology, Animal Husbandry Engineering Technology, Accounting, E-commerce, Economic Information Management, Logistics Management and etc. Welcome young students from all over the world to exchange and study in our college.


Weifang City, where our college is located in, has a long history and splendid culture. Weifang has a population of 9.6 million, among which the urban population is 1.08 million and is now a provincial-level city, where once many dynasties founded their nations and towns and established the states and governments since the Xia Dynasty. Weifang, located in the middle of the provincial capital Jinan and the coastal city Qingdao, is a coastal city and the transportation hub of the Shandong Peninsula, with the well-developed transport and accessibility. The highways and high-speed rails between Jinan and Qingdao traverses the downtown area; Weifang Airport is one of the country's four major air mail processing centers and the routes to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Dalian and Haikou and other domestic cities have been introduced; Weifang Port is a Class-I national open port, with an annual throughput of 20 million tons. Weifang has rich natural and cultural resources. Weifang International Kite Festival, China (Shouguang) Vegetable Expo, China (Qingzhou) Flower Expo, Chinese Painting Festival (session) are all state-level exhibitions. Weifang is renowned as the world’s Kite Capital and the birthplace of kite culture. Yangjiabu woodblock New Year picture is one of the four major Chinese New Year pictures. Weifang nut-carving, rosewood with filigree inlay, reproduction technique of bronze antique, dinosaur fossil of Zhucheng City, Shanwang fossils of Linqu County, Changle sapphire, Gaomi paper cutting, clay sculpture, flutter gray paintings and other cultural resources and folk arts enjoy the high reputations at home and abroad. Weifang is a National Civilized City, China Habitat Environment Award City, National Environmental Protection Model City, National Sanitary City and National Garden City; its abundant historical and cultural resources and open and inclusive modern civilization appeal to overseas students. The college, located in the center of Weifang city with the Victory East Street as the axis, divided into the northern and southern teaching areas, enjoys the convenient traffic, good location and elegant environment and is the ideal garden for study.


The college will adhere to the connotation of development, not forget its initial determination and forge ahead, to strive for the establishment of a national high-quality vocational college and the domestic first-class entrepreneurial university with the advanced idea, high education level, strong service capability and distinctive school characteristics.


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