1.Admission Procedure:fill in Application Forms for international students—mail the required materials to the Admission and Employment Office (International Exchange and Cooperation Office), or submit the scanning copies of the materials via E-mail—examine and verify—send the Offer Letter and Visa Application Form(JW202) upon the approval—pay the tuition fees—register at the college.


2.The required materials: 3 Application Forms, 3 photocopies of passport, Senior High School or above certificate, original transcript of Senior High School or University, (original copy of Certificate of Non-Criminal Record), 8 one-inch photos.


3.Admission time: usually in early March and early September each year.

Admission Procedure

1. Report to the Admission and Employment Office (International Exchange and Cooperation Office) with the passport, Senior High School Certificate, Certificate of Non-Criminal Record, 6 recent photos, Admission Application Form and Offer Letter, register upon the proof of payment, and take the training program arrangement, curriculum schedule, textbooks, Student's Identity Card and other materials.


2.Report to the Center for Continuing Education, take the dorm key and articles of daily use and check in.


3.Report to the Food Service Center and apply for a card for meal, a public bike and a bus card and so on.


4.Fill in the Application Form for Residence Permit for Foreigners and have a physical exam at the Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Department.


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